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Our Mission

Guided by the conviction that education is paramount to the underpinnings of technological advances, it is our mission at ImmersED to unite educators and content creators to develop realities for all K-12 students.  It is our belief that building bridges between content creators and educators provides opportunities for best practices, collaborations, and student success.  At ImmersED we assert that students construct knowledge and new ideas through engagement.

As part of our philosophy of education, we recognize the urgency of exposing educators to newer technologies and the innovations of the virtual worlds through hands on exploration, experiential learning, educational resources, collaborative environments, and opportunity.  At the same time, we understand the need for content creation and encourage content creators to seek out those within the field of education as partners and resources to develop educational experiences.

The goal of ImmersED is to unite innovators, build bridges, and provoke imagination between content creators and educators. 

ImmersED believes that we learn through our experiences, and what better way to learn than by having fun!


Diane Pawar, Ph.D.


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