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To My ImmersED Family,


Thank you all for your willingness to attend ImmersED 2020.  


I appreciate and value each and every one of you for all that you’ve done to support us as ImmersED strives to unite innovators, build bridges, and provoke imagination between content creators and educators. 


With all the uncertainty in the world today, you may be wondering whether the ImmersED Summit, May 2nd, will continue as planned.  It was my hope to wait out the next few weeks to see if theory comes to practice with Covid-19, but sadly I share, time has come to postpone ImmersED 2020. Please understand that our primary concern is for the safety and wellbeing of all.  


As a teacher I understand the impact COVID-19 is having on my  K-12/XR community, face-to-face instruction is suspended, online instruction is gaining momentum,  and working remotely is commonplace. As this worldly disruption is creating evolutionary changes to the landscape of XR through necessity, I look to you thought-leaders for ideas on how to move forward. I challenge you to hear us  . . . focus your energies in the development of viable XR experiences to promote learning, now is the time that you are needed most.


We are a strong passionate group that understands that in-person, face-to-face collaboration, and providing the AH-HA moments are how we define ourselves.  So, where does this leave the ImmersED Summit?  As I see it, ImmersED is on hiatus for the next few months,  we will announce a new date as soon as possible, so please stay tuned. We will be contacting all current attendees shortly. As we regroup and build momentum towards our next summit, please be safe!




Diane Pawar, Ph.D.


May 02, 2020, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
3249 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA

Keynote Speaker

Jacki Morie



Dr Morie’s 30 years of researching & creating meaningful VR experiences combines multi-sensory, perceptual techniques for VR that predictably elicit emotional responses from participants. Her company All These Worlds, LLC is active in social VR, Mindfulness applications, storytelling, stress relief experiences, and immersive education and training.

A w a r d s





ImmersED girl

ImmersED girl


and the winner is//

ImmersED Speakers

Monica Ares
Drew McClellen
L.A. County High School for the Arts
Tiffany Raber
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Melissa Sutor
Dragonfly Healing Center
Steven Xu
Emily Joly
Ape Lab
Christopher Lafayette
Emergent Technologist
Jackie Lee
Science VR
Mark Wakita
ImmersED Fellow
Omkar Kulkarni
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Miles Harvey
Educator, Gamer, Esports
Nalin Senthamil
Kim Hieftje
play4REAL XR Lab, Yale University
Aviv Elor
University of CA Santa Cruz
Eva Cohen
ImmersED Fellow
Cheryl Bayer
Living Popups
Brittan Heller
Foley Hoag
San Diego
County Office of Education
Paula Davidson
Living Popups
Amy Peck
Endeavor VR
Erika Barraza
XR Activist
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  9:00 am    Keynote                 Jacki Morie

  8:00 am    Registration          Registration & Check-in

       ImmersED Sample Schedule

10:00 am    Expo Opens          Explore virtual and augmented reality

11:00 am    Speakers                Morning Speaker & Breakout Sessions

12:15 pm    Lunch                       Networking

12:45 pm   Speakers                 Afternoon Speaker & Breakout Sessions

  4:30 pm    Awards                    ImmersED K-12 XR Awards

  5:15 pm    End Day                   Closing Notes

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